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By Christopher L. B. Lavelle

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2) Sustentacular (supporting) cells. The taste cells are continually being replaced by mitotic division from the surrounding epithelial cells. The life span of each taste cell is limited and a taste bud actually comprises taste cells at various levels of maturity. The outer tips of the taste cells are arranged around a minute taste pore. From the tip of each cell several microvilli (taste hairs) protrude outwards into the taste pore towards the oral cavity. Interwoven among the taste cells is a branched terminal network of several taste nerve fibres, some of which invaginate into folds of the taste cell membranes.

S . , BRONZERT, 1. i. F. (1971) Steroids, Hormones and Brain Function. Los Angeles: University of California Press 2. OHRWALL, H. (1901) Die Modalitäts und Qualitätsbegriffe im der Sinnesphysiologie und deren Bedeutung. Arch. Physiol. , 11, 245-272 3. SKRAMLIK, E. (1926) Handbook der Physiologie der niederen Sinne. Bdl. Leipzig: Georg Thieme 4. s. E. (1971) Handbook of Physiology, Chemical Senses II. Berlin: Springer 5. I. (1972) Disorders of taste and smell. JAMA, 220, 870-871 6. A. and SWEENEY, E.

Even though some patients have adequate sensory and motor components for oral and pharyngeal feeding postoperatively, most have significant dysphagia. Additionally, the majority have adequate cortical skills needed for the rehabilitation of feeding. disorders (1) Syringomyelia. (2) Cerebral palsy. Mechanical disorders Patients with mechanical disorders of deglutition evidence difficulty secondary to the loss of sensory guidance of the structures necessary to complete a normal swallow. The central, and most of the peripheral, neurological controls for deglutition are intact, although the structures needed to complete the act are not.

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