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By Vukota Boljanovic

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Completely sensible and authoritative, this booklet brings jointly, in 3 elements, millions of formulation, principles, and figures to simplify, assessment, or to refresh the user's reminiscence of what they studied in class. This laptop reference exhibits find out how to resolve all types of math and physics challenge one is probably going to come across in class and enterprise, and it explains easily and simply how to define solutions quickly, study key formulation and definitions, examine speedy and examine extra successfully, from primary mathematical ideas to actual definitions and constants.

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The interval notation is ALGEBRA 32 Fundamentals of Algebra c) Half-open interval Represents all real numbers between a and b, not including a but including b. The interval notation is d) Half-closed interval Represents all real numbers between a and b, including a but not including b. The interval notation is [a,b) 8. Absolute Value I The absolute value of the real number a, denoted a1 , is defined by la1 ={ a ifa2O -a if a < 0 a) Properties of absolute value For all real numbers a and b, Product: la4 = la1 Quotient: Difference: la-tj= ALGEBRA 33 Fundamentals of Algebra la+ Inequality: I- 4 la1+I4 al = la1 If la1 = b, then a = b o r a = -b If la1 < b, then -b< a < b If la1 > b, then a > b or a < -b 9.

Mile nautical I Name Symbol in sq. inch I sq. foot I sq. S. Units of Measurement sq. 25 pt pint Pt qt 1 pt = 4 gi I gallon Name cu. inch cu. foot cu. S. Units of Measurement I 16. S. Units of Measurement pound hundredweight lb Cwt 1 l b = 16 oz 1 cwt= 100 lb ton ton lton = 20 cwt = 2000 lb 19. 79891 mg s aP drap 1 s ap = 20 dr oz ap loz ap = 8 dr ap lb ap llb ap = 12 lb ap 20. 79891 mg I I 1 dwt=24gr ounce troy oz t 1ozt=20dwt pound troy lb t llbt=12ozt UNITS 16 Tables of Equivalents TABLES OF EQUIVALENTS In tables below, all bold equivalents are exact.

Geometry 3. Trigonometry 4. Analytical Geometry 5 . Mathematics of Finance 6. Calculus 7. Statistics ALGEBRA The purpose of this collection of algebraic references is to provide a brief, clear and handy guide to the more important, formal rules of algebra and the most commonly used formulas for evaluating quantities, as well as examples of their applications for solving algebraic problems. This section contains the following: 1. Fundamentals of Algebra 2. Determinants 3. Linear Equations 4. Quadratic Equations 5 .

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