Anthony Horowitz (Who Wrote That?) by Dennis Abrams PDF

By Dennis Abrams

ISBN-10: 0791089681

ISBN-13: 9780791089682

ISBN-10: 1438123604

ISBN-13: 9781438123608

Profiles the lifestyles and profession of the writer Anthony Horowitz.

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When we first meet David, he gives his report card from his old school (this is before he is summoned to Groosham Grange) to his parents. Note Anthony’s use of humor and wordplay: “Eliot has not made progress,” the math teacher had written. ” the carpentry teacher had written. ” “If he stayed awake in class it would be a miracle,” the religion teacher had complained. “Very poor form,” the form master had concluded. “He’ll never get ahead,” the headmaster had agreed. (Groosham Grange 7–8) David’s parents (a satirical version of Anthony’s own parents) are not pleased with David’s report card.

Because there was one missing ingredient. “Enzymes are the stuff of life. Without enzymes there can be no life. And this boy’s enzymes, added to my wonderful elixir, will turn back the clock and instantly return us to our glorious, wonderful youth! ” Elsie Bucket pointed at Joe. “Sadly, the operation will kill the child. ” Joe shouted. Elsie Bucket ignored him. “In a minute I shall flick the switch,” she said. “The machine will do the rest. His enzymes will be sucked out of him . . By the time the process is over,” she added almost as an afterthought, “the boy will be as shriveled as an overcooked cocktail sausage.

Her whole life was only about how miserable she was. She was really evil. She was someone who could do so much FINDING HIS VOICE and give so much and do nothing and give nothing. You’re meant to believe that the grandmother is a good character. But you realize she’s actually mean and nasty and doesn’t particularly like you. 38 Obviously, Esther Charatan, Anthony’s grandmother on his mother’s side, inspired deep feelings of dislike. Here is where being a writer can be an advantage. Other people might need to speak to a therapist, or a clergyman, or good friends in order to work through their feelings about such a person.

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