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An outlet that can prove very satisfactory, is the taking up of one of the many forms of social service and welfare work that call for voluntary work, and that give a true sense of self-realisation. CHAPTER v ADOLESCENCE INFANCY is one period in life when expanding possibilities create intense happiness and also give rise to serious problems that must be solved. Life then flows on through the latency period free from any grave psychological difficulties until the stirrings of puberty bring along fresh possibilities, a widening horizon of life, and also another set of problems.

There are no harsh words when the child steers [a canoe] clumsily, only a complete lack of interest. But the first sure deft stroke which guides the canoe back to its course is greeted with approval . . they have no word for EDUCATION 6l clumsiness. '' From this discussion there is one important lesson to be drawn, both for parents and educational authorities. The character and personality, the general pattern of life of the individual, is moulded by the early years in life. Those parents who save money to send their children to private schools, and then later to public schools, do a poor service to the children if this money is saved by employing unsuitable persons as nurses and governesses ; for these early years the best and not the cheapest is truly essential.

This subject of childish experiences of feelings of discouragement and rejection will be discussed further in Chapter XII. We may note, however, that this training in social adjustment does not occur with the only child or the youngest child and this may be a misfortune for him. The advantage of being a member of a family is that the child comes to control his feelings and behaviour in order to conform with the requirements of the small group within which he finds himself. This control is based in good families on a bond of identification between the children, based on their common feelings towards the parents.

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