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By Prund A. H.

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One might expect that electrokinetic capture and adsorption performance would be impacted by pH, and in fact this is the case. The results of a metanil yellow dye challenge test on nylon microporous membrane are shown in Figure 14. The effect of pH and type of charge modifier on membrane metanil yellow dye capacity is clearly shown. Understanding the impact of pH on the electrokinetic capture and adsorption characteristics of a surface charge modified filter medium involves recognition that the surface charge characteristics of the medium and the contaminant change with pH.

1 and placed into a column. Elution is then made from the ion exchanger using cold buffer. 2-mm-rated filter and bottled for storage in frozen condition. Concentration of the frozen factor 9 solution can be had by permitting its thawing to 3–5˚C followed by ultrafiltration. 2-mm-rated membrane to yield the sterile bulk solution of factor 9. Oral Syrups In the filtration of oral syrups, the depth filter is used to clarify the solution prior to filling and is generally followed by a cartridge filter to protect from any particulate that might pass through the depth filter (Fig.

Polyelectrolyte coatings for filter media. Ind Water Eng 1971; 8(5): 22. Pall DB. Quality control of absolute bacteria removal filters. Bull Parenter Drug Assoc 1975; 29: 142. Riddick TM. Control of Colloid Stability Through Zeta Potential. ; 1968 Rodman CA. S. Patent 2,613,813; 1952. Rose AH. Alcoholic Beverages. London: Academic Press; 1977: 374. Seitz GH. Filter pad and method of purifying liquids. S. Patent 2,144,781, (1939). Selikoff IJ, Lee DHK. Asbestos and Disease. New York: Academic Press; 1968.

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