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Bring the power down to Tan Tien. 2. Open this Lower Tan Tien the same way as for the Upper and Middle Tan Tiens. Charge more Chi into your hands, and let them be like lasers cutting it open. Cut around to the sides. Pause. The fingers of the left and right hands are very long, extended energetically inside. Cut and feel the energy penetrate into the center. Focus at Tan Tien and universe and feel more Chi. Fig. 55 ‘Cut’ open the Lower Tan Tien with Laser Fingers. 63 Cosmic Chi Kung 3. Continue cutting to the Door of Life.

There is my own experience in participating in brain wave measurements and ‘brain energy potential’ research in recent years. ’ Now let’s talk about the Lower Tan Tien. In addition to its importance as the control center for the mechanics of the physical structure of the body, the Lower Tan Tien also houses a treasure of even more farreaching significance. It has been a well-kept secret in the western world, as well as in most of the rest of the world: our Second Brain. ’ But, do most people really ‘get’ the meaning of the injunction to always be conscious of the Tan Tien?

It also determines how much energy you have for the whole day and how much of that energy is for mental clarity and body power. They use these instruments to measure the athletes. The study measures brainwave frequencies during four practices. Fig. 12 Cosmic Inner Smile Fig. 13 Cosmic Orbit Fig. 15 Orgasmic Upward Draw Theta Alpha Beta Fig. 16 Alpha and Theta Waves increasing during the Cosmic Inner Smile Meditation. Fig. 17 Ultraslow Brain potentials measurement while in Vienna. 39 Cosmic Chi Kung A.

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