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By David J. Fekete

ISBN-10: 0875861954

ISBN-13: 9780875861951

ISBN-10: 0875862446

ISBN-13: 9780875862446

ISBN-10: 0875862454

ISBN-13: 9780875862453

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Ovid even goes so far as to advise one to make friends brazenly with your lover’s husband. Your affair will be easier that way. “Also, make it your aim to get her husband to like you;/If you can make him your friend, he will be useful you’ll find. . ” Offer a toast to the lady and her husband, while under your breath you curse the spouse. “Propose ‘A health to the lady! ’ (p. 123). Ovid emphasizes the effect of gift giving. Nothing moves the heart like gifts. /I give up, I retire; he can learn nothing from me” (p.

He wants his pupil to “Take some trouble to find the girl whom you really can love” (p. 106). Ovid then begins to discuss how to win your beloved. Here, parties are a good place. Make eye-contact. “Let your eyes gaze into hers, let the gazing be a confession:/Often the silent glance brings more conviction than words” (p. 123). Favor the food that passes by her: Be the first to seize the cup that her lips have been touching, Drink from that edge of the rim which she has touched with her lips, Ask her to pass the bread or the fruit she has touched with her fingers; When she passes it on, manage to touch her hand (p.

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