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By Alfred Heubeck, Arie Hoekstra

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This moment quantity of a big three-volume observation compiled by way of a global staff of students comprises distinctive discussions of diction within the Odyssey and the culture of epic diction often.

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1] From a careful reading of these passages, we will, I hope, enhance our overall understanding of the many-sided heroes who appear in them. [2] But the focus is not on Homer but on Achilles and Odysseus. " Notes �2n1. Parry 1971 [=1930] 272. �2n2. Parry, pp. 276, 279. �2n3. 224. �2n4. Page, pp. 225-226. �3n1. There seem to be two favorite modes of objection. One is to scoff at the primary typological parallel adduced by Parry and his successor Albert Lord, to wit, the living epic traditions preserved by the South Slavic peoples (on which see Lord 1960).

Applying these premises, I argue against the assumption that the Homeric text of the Iliad and Odyssey, as reconstituted in various editions both ancient and modern, can be viewed synchronically as a cross-section that represents a single real composition or performance. In other words, the Homeric text (or texts) is not the same thing as Homeric poetry. �25. In this connection, we need to confront the general phenomenon of meaning in the media of oral poetics. [2] I must add that I use diachronic and synchronic not as synonyms for historical and current respectively.

HQ 15n8, with bibliography. �27n2. HQ 15. Also PH 57-61, 70-72 (cf. also pp. 349, 411). " �28n1. HQ 82. �28n2. HQ 82n53. �29n1. For the inner logic of reference and cross-reference in the "embassy scene," see in general HQ 138-145, especially p. 52). " At this point,a dual reference to Ajax and Odysseus would pick up the reference to these two heroes at IX 169, where the leadership of Phoinix is still presupposed (IX 168). �29n2. On the metaphorical world of oímê, which I translate here as 'story-thread' see PP 63n19, n20.

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