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The 43 A Chain of Miracles weak nuclear force causes the neutron to break up into its component particles; and it too has a precise value that keeps this order and harmony intact. If the weak nuclear force’s value were even fractionally greater, neutrons would break up more readily and thus become a rarity throughout the universe. In such a case, hardly if any helium, with two neutrons in its nucleus, could have been created since the Big Bang. As we know, helium is the second lightest element after hydrogen, and so without the necessary helium, the heavier elements essential for life could not have been produced in the nuclear core of stars.

000000000000001 seconds being joined a third, thus eventually forming a whole building. Paul Davies describes this miraculous process as follows: While investigating the nuclear reactions that lead to the formation of carbon in the stellar cores, [Fred] Hoyle was struck by the 30 Miracles in the Creation of the Universe fact that the key reaction proceeds only because of a lucky fluke. Carbon nuclei are made by a rather tricky process involving the simultaneous encounter of three high-speed helium nuclei, which then stick together.

In his book Symbiotic Universe, George Greenstein has the following to say: Small things like stones, people, and the like would fly apart if the two charges differed by as little as one part in 100 billion. Larger structures like the Earth and the Sun require for their existence a yet more perfect balance of one part in a billion billion. 23 48 Miracles in the Creation of the Universe The Harmony in Numbers The proportion of protons to electrons in the universe is most important. This ratio permits the delicate balance between the mass gravitational and electromagnetic forces.

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