Download e-book for iPad: A Bolt from the Blue: The Epic True Story of Danger, Daring, by Jennifer Woodlief

By Jennifer Woodlief

ISBN-10: 1451607091

ISBN-13: 9781451607093

At the afternoon of July 26, 2003, six traveling mountain climbers ascended the height of the Grand Teton in Jackson gap, Wyoming. Rain and colliding air currents blew in, and shortly an important electric cost started to construct. because the staff started to retreat from its situation, a massive lightning bolt struck and pounded during the physique of each climber. one of many six died immediately, one lay significantly injured subsequent to her physique, and 4 dangled perilously into the chasm less than. In riveting, page-turning prose, veteran journalist Jennifer Woodlief tells the tale of the climb, the coming of the hurricane, and the unheard of rescue by means of the Jenny Lake Rangers, probably the most skilled mountain climbing search-and-rescue groups within the nation.

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