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5 #m). Turbulence in the column replicated clearly the natural turbulence, but it was kept constant and homogeneous to isolate flocculation processes from other interfering processes, such as periodic or aperiodic fluctuations in sediment concentration, water temperature and salinity, turbulence gradient, etc. F. C. 4 : : :::::. :: ::. :: :::::::::: . . : iii : : : :::::. . i i . i i i . . :: ::. :::::::: ....... --a- FSD3h . . . iiiii :: :::: :: :::: - e - - ........ 3 : : ::::.. : : : : : : FSD12oh i i iiii -*- FSD~e~h ..........

An error function is calculated using a least squares method to compare the experimental and modelled data. The common approach in flocculation studies is to use the mean size as the property to be tracked (Spicer and Pratsinis, 1996; Biggs and Lant, 2002). As different particle size distributions can have the same mean size, this approach can lead to a good agreement on the mean size. However there may be a poor prediction of the final distribution, with under or over prediction of the population in certain size classes.

Y. P. H. V. C. O. Box 5048, 2600 GA, Delft, The Netherlands. O. Box 177, 2600 MH, Delft, The Netherlands. KEY W O R D S Population, flocs, fractal structures, organization, complexity. This paper presents an investigation on the flocculation of a cohesive sediment suspension consisting of kaolinite minerals. The study is based on laboratory measurements with the aim to highlight the fundamental dynamical behaviour of mud flocs. In particular, a population of flocs is observed to evolve from a non-equilibrium initial state towards a steady (statistically stationary) far-from-equilibrium state.

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